Nandha Teachers

The best of teachers simply enjoy the service. Knowing that one has contributed to the growth of others is an end in itself. Excellent teachers are also driven by the pursuit of knowledge as an end in itself. They just want to know why things happen and are often willing to go to extraordinary lengths to get the best information available.

Teachers at Nandha are more than mere demonstrators pointing the fingers and showing the path to the students. Instead, Nandha pedagogues lead the students to the path of success by travelling along with them crossing the thorns of hurdles. They are facilitators empathizing with the students and being exemplary for a role model.

Nandha Teachers play the role of:

  • Motivator at the needed crisis
  • Inspirer to kindle the spark
  • Stimulator to bring out the innate skills
  • Facilitator to make things possible in all ways
  • Proctor to provide pastoral care
  • Mentors helping the students to get the most from their experience
  • Employability seeker offering assistance with the search for suitable profession