Health Services

Our Health Centre provides diagnosis and treatment for a variety of illnesses and injuries. Nandha College of Nursing & Nandha College of Pharmacy provide free treatment and check up. According to the requirement, the students are also referred to KMC Hospital, Perundurai. Vaccination camps are conducted periodically.

Health Centre facilities are available at the Main Campus and at Nandha Para medicinal science campus. Consultation is free for all the students and employees. The Centre provides outpatient treatment both in the morning and evening.The College provides medical facility to all its students. A medical check-up is organized toensure good health for all inmates. A full- time medical facility is also available in the campus.

  • Free Health care service is rendered to all students and staff.
  • First Aid Facilities is available in all the departments.
  • Emergency vehicle is available for 24 hours.
  • Pure, safe & cool Mineral water is produced and served through water cooler.


  • For students to stay fit and healthy, all hostels are equipped with gym and fitness centre facilities - Treadmill, Exercise bikes and more of the latest fitness equipment.
  • The central gym for men at Nandha Educational Institutions is also equipped with body building equipment. All gyms and fitness centers are open both in the morning and evening hours.

Emergency vehicle

Emergency vehicles and drivers are in service even during nights for emergencies

For Emergency care, call 9942794095 for ambulance assistance.

The institute ensures that students and staff have easy access to medical facilities at any point of time. There is a Doctor on call 24X7 to attend to any kind of medical emergency.