Social Services


(Human Resource Development Centre) 

  • ‘Manitham’ an organization to inculcate the values of humanity and to impart values of social and community development has been established.

  • Apart from teaching, ‘Manitham’ also stresses the respect for human values.

Yoga Mandram

  • Nandha Institutions joined hands with Erode Mana valakalai mandram to train the students in various types of asana to get relief from the mental stress and to increase the concentration power.

  • Yoga Classes have been inculcated within the regular scheduled hours and students relax themselves from the burdens of day-day life.

  • Many competitions are also conducted for the students to expose their skills.

Blood Donation Camp

  • A blood donation camp is oraganised every year by Nandha educational institutions. Student volunteers take part actively.

  • Around 100 – 120 units of blood is collected and handed over to the blood bank of Govt Hospitals every year.

World Anti – Narcotics day

  • A group of 1200 students participated in the rally to mark the impacts of drug abuse and narcotics addiction on the world anti narcotics day.

  •  A video on the disease complications of drug abuse was prepared and screened on every schools and colleges in Erode district.

World Youth Day

  • Nearly 1200 students participated in the full marathon from Chennimalai to Erode via Perundurai marking the celebrations of World youth Day.

  • The marathon ended at the office of Superintendent of Police, Erode District.

International Women’s Day

  • International Women's Day is meant to appreciate those who have the biggest but quietest influence in our lives.

  • International Women’s day was celebrated at Nandha Institutions to cast women’s empowered role in gender equality.

  • Celebrities from various fields were felicitated to deliver special lectures to our students.

  • More participation from women in the field of social justice and women empowerment was stressed.

World Differently Able Day

  • To motivate and encourage the sportive spirit of participation, a special cricket tournament is organized every year for the differently abled.

  • Teams of Sportsmen from various districts are invited to take part in the cricket matches.

Anti – Corruption Day

  • Nearly 1200 students participated in the human chain to embark the growing awareness against corruption.

  •  As a mark of this day, a Zero currency was also released. Our Chiarman Thiru. V. Shanmugan initiated a signature campaign against corruption held at Erode Collectorate.

  •  Nearly 10000 signatures were made during the campaign.

Road Safety Week

  • To bring in awareness on the impacts of human loss due to accidents on Indian roads, road safety week in observed every year.

  • Cops from various levels in the police department presented demos on road safety.

  • Also dark headlight labels are glued on the vehicles across erode city.

World Water Day

  • To throw light on the significance of conserving our environment and its resources, ‘save water – achieve in life’ slogan was stressed.

  • Demonstrations on water purification and water planning were made on the show organized in the college premises.

  • The show also exhibited various projects designed by the students.

World Ozone Day

  • World Ozone day marks the importance of ozone layer and its role in environment .

  • In order to protect the ozone layer for the generations to come, a great imitative has been taken by the students of Nandha Institutions by planting more than 2000 saplings to create awareness on Global Warming.

Blood Donors Association

  • Students of Nandha Educational Institutions came forward eagerly to form an Association for Blood donation with an aim of educating, informing and motivating people into the act of donating blood voluntarily and regularly.

  • Around  960 students joined this Association and formed a bridge and transfusion service on the other between the people on one hand and hospital .

World Literacy Day

  • In order to make the public realize the importance of being educated, an awareness campaign has been organized  by the students of Nandha Educational Institutions.

  • More than 900 students participated and distributed a short notice regarding the necessity of being educated among the public.

World Peace Day

  • Students of Nandha Engineering College have taken a good enterprise to commemorate World Peace Day to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end conflict and promote peace.

  • The International Day of Peace is also a day of ceasefire – personal or political. The peace dove flying with an olive branch in its beak is one of the most commonly featured symbols for the day.

  • The dove is made to fly and a big rally is organized from CSI ground to VOC park,